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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A visit home

We are coming to a town near you!

      We are so excited by what God is doing, He is calling the youth in England. We have a new building and are preparing to open a youth community center by the end of 2019.

    The youth in England struggle with loneliness  and a deep prejudice of the church.. Scott, a teenager from Highbrdige was so desperate for connection he carried his friend (who swore he would never step foot in a church) through the doors to attend a youth event. By the end both were playing games, talking with us, and most importantly heard the gospel. The use of a community center will remove a large hurdle from sharing the gospel with the youth. We are excited to be a part of God’s plan and are grateful that you are part of this journey with us.   

     We will be visiting Wisconsin this October. We have a few conferences to attend and want a chance to share with you, in person, all that God is doing.  During our trip we will be working towards our goal of raising $500 in monthly support to make sure we can run the center without issue.  

    We hope to be able to connect with as many of you as possible.  We also need your help sharing what God is doing and inviting others to hear as well.  

    We have some dates set aside to do some ‘sharing events’.  These are opportunities for us to come to you and share what God is doing with a group of your friends, family, a Bible Study, youth group, or Small group.  These events last around 1.5-2.5 hours (depends on your group) and are a fun night of fellowship where we share stories of God moving and invite others to join us, in prayer and/or support. It’s really simple for you, pick a date, invite anyone who is interested in youth ministry, missions, England, or just hearing good God stories, put out some drinks and snacks and we will do the rest (we can even help with snacks and send helpful reminders). 

    The biggest worry is that you may not know anyone who can financially partner… don’t worry about that, let God. We just want to share what He is doing. If you are interested in helping us share, even with 1 other person - please look at the dates below and let us know when works for you through email (Megan.mayer@gemission.org) or Facebook message.  But don’t delay cause these dates may go fast. 

Hope to see you soon,
    Eric, Megan & baby Stephen 
Our current event schedule
Come stop by and say hi!

Wednesday Oct 16 -
Mill City church, Neenah, WI
  Sunday Oct  20 - 
New Freedom Church, Green Bay,  WI
  Sunday Oct 27 - 

 October 11-13
    Carlton, MN
 October 21-22
     Shell Lake, WI

Come and here what God is doing in the UK
Tea, coffee, desserts, and time of worship and testimony 
Small raffle at end of event 

Milwaukee Area.                    Green Bay Area
Friday Oct 18th         Saturday Oct 26th 6:30 - 8:00pm. TBD
Redeemer Church.          New Freedom Church


Sharing Dates Available:       Morning/Afternoon/Evening 

Milwaukee (and surrounding areas)
Thursday Oct 10th.  M/A/E
Thursday Oct 17th.  M/A/E
Friday Oct 18th.        M
Saturday  Oct 19th. M
Tuesday Oct 29th.    M/A/E

Green Bay (and surrounding areas) 
Tuesday Oct 15th.       M/A/E
Wednesday Oct 16th.  M
Wednesday Oct 23rd.  M/A/E
Thursday Oct 24th.      M
Friday  Oct 25th.           M/A/E

Contact Us:

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bishop Sutton Outreach

What a blessing today was!  

Eric went last night to Bishop Sutton where he worked with a team to start setting up for the community 5K event. Him and another youth worker slept the night on the youth bus to start setting up again bright and early this morning.  Stephen and I drove the 45 minutes out to the community to meet with him and Pastor Kelton this morning. 

What a wonderful event - our purpose was to help the church in Bishop Sutton connect with their community and bring awareness to the youth event we will be holding there in July (when we have a youth group from the USA visiting us).  God truly blessed the day! We had beautiful weather, great placement for the tent, and enough balloons to pass out to all the kids. We also had two jesters with us to do tricks and tell stories for the kids.  

We were able to hand out more than 100 flyers with weekly activities that are put on by the church and flyers promoting the July event. But the best part was that we got to help the church be present in their community. There were second and third connections made with families that they have seen at other events in the past - and what a blessing to get to pour in multiple times into a family. We were also able to pray for a gentleman which was exciting to see done on the fair ground. 

For me; beyond the excitement of the ministry, the fun learning to twirl plates on poles, or even seeing the kids enjoy their balloons, was the encouragement. It was so great to be an encouragement for the church in Bishop Sutton and to see them be uplifted by the event and the connections they were making. We can't wait to see the follow up in July when we get to back to the community and join them in ministry again.  - We will have more pictures on the facebook page, later this week. 

Thank you for your prayers and support, we couldn't do this with out you. Thank you for being a part of the ministry :) 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Won't you be my neighbor?

The weather has gotten beautiful and with it the occupants of the small towns are leaving the comforts of their lounges and venturing outside.

During the summer season the population in our area tripled because of tourists visiting the sea front on holiday. But it is also when neighborhoods become more alive as well. People walk about more, they stop to chat instead of rushing out of the cold rain.

The weather has given us a great opportunity to start building relationships with those in our specific neighborhood.  We have built a good connection with our next door lady, her college age daughter and her love giggling over Stephen and sharing tips on gardening (a feat we have just undertook).

We also have started talking with a gentleman a few houses down and have been given the opportunity to stop by for tea or coffee any night. Most of our neighbors are fascinated with the fact we have moved across country from America and are curious of the differences. 

Just as we plant the small seeds that will grow into large tomatoes plants, hopefully producing a plentiful harvest, we are trusting God that these seeds of relationships will blossom into opportunity to share the gospel and build Christian fellowship.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

    Have a Blessed Easter

                Love -

                     the Mayers 

He is Risen

Happy Easter.

  Today Stephen will find his first Easter basket.. full of little gifts from his parents and grandparents (even his adoptive English grandma).  It will be a time of fun and joy... but as he grows we want him to lear  That there is more to this day than waking up to find a few treats. We want him to know that this is the day that allows us to wake up with joy every morning.

We were part of a small good Friday service where we took part in the Lords supper and remembered his suffering, because today it's his triumph we want to celebrate.

I often forget that when Jesus was hanging on that cross his disciples didn't know Sunday was coming.  They were stuck on Friday all weekend. Sunday morning came and they were still living Fridays pain...

Like we shared during the message on Tuesday, Jesus rose! They went to bed completely different on Sunday night as they woke up. They went to sleep with a faith that wouldn't fail them, a hope that wouldn't leave them and a joy that no one would understand. 

It's because He has risen that our faith stands the test and prevails. I love the song that goes 'oh death where now is your sting'
   It was lost that 3rd day... when my savior rose from the grave...

We hope your family has a Easter filled with love, joy, and faith that are all unshakable because He lives.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Prayer request

Prayer warriors -
We just got a notice from the US about Eric's sleep machine.

 When he got it in June they said they had his connected online so he didn't have to come in for any follow up apts. We also got a letter saying the cost of the machine was covered.

Now we just got a letter and they are saying we either need to return the machine (which is here in the UK) by the 15th of March or pay around $2000.00 for it.

Please pray that we can connect with the company, figure out what is going on and why the miss communication, and possibly save on the price they are quoting- as we can't return the machine because Eric needs it to sleep.

Thank you!

We were able to work with the medical supply company and they sold us the machine for only 154.00 which is the cost of one monthly payment from the insurance company.  Praise the Lord for his favor.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Let go and know I am God.

I have talked a lot about the verse in the Bible that says "Be still and Know that I am God".

I read this week about the meaning of the word "Be still" it could more accurately be translated "let go"...  what a beautiful though. That we can let go of whatever is troubling us, scaring us, freezing us, and weighing us down... we can let that go and let God... 

That's the important part there, we aren't just letting go and not caring about it, by letting go we aren't saying its not important, meaningful, or that it won't influence our lives in some way. We aren't called to just let it go and float around the universe hoping that magically it is taken care of. 

We are letting it go and asking God to step in and handle it. We are giving God permission to rule in that situation. We are admitting that He can and will handle it better than we can. We are not opening our hands to an empty void we are releasing our fears, wants, needs, and injustices to the hands of  a mighty God who wants to fight for us. 

Just recently we were given a beautiful example of what letting go and knowing God looks like.
We have a broken dishwasher and the landlord said that it never worked and the estate agents were supposed to tell us that it was being rented that way and since it wasn't fixable and it was to much to remove, he was leaving it (they can do that here).

The agents never told us this, but they said we just didn't hear them say it (even though it is not on our lease). It became a he said she said situation. We decided we didn't want to push it, though legally we probably could have taken it to courts. But we stopped, because we didn't want to start our ministry or reputation that way (small towns talk). The ministry and what God wanted to do had to be more important than this.. but it still stunk and was still a hard disappointment. 

Instead of staying angry and fighting it, we prayed and gave it to God. We let go of our right to figure out the problem and have a dishwasher, instead we asked God  that if this was an injustice to us that He would take care of it.

 Out of the blue - a few days later - the real estate agent called us and said they were going to follow up and see if the could convince the landlord to just remove it to give us more space. Something they should never offer and be willing to do. That is currently in the works.

Letting go is scary because we are giving up the right to have the control and have things our way. We are trusting that God is able to and will complete what we so badly want to. I encourage you to find small areas that you can let go of and give God - then watch as he shows you that He is God.