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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Travelling with the Lil one

We made it.
   After a relaxing 3 days of family time in Minocqua we headed off for our first conference in Carlton MN. It is different traveling as a family of 3. Lots more lugage and a few more breaks. Thankfully our host family at this conference is set up for grandbabies! They have a place for Stephen to sleep and we even got to try him out in a little bumbo chair.

Mission conference 1 of the month.
We were so blessed by thus conference last year.  The church members at New Life are so welcoming and encouraging. Last year was a great time of prayer and we are looking forward to thE same this year. 

We will keepyou updated on here and Facebook of our travels. Remember while we are out and about we are praying for God to send us out. We are looking for 14 more people to financially partner with us on a monthly (or annual) level so we can be 100% by the end of the month.

If you or someone you know is interested you can message me at megan.mayer@gemission.org or you can go directly to gemission.org (acc 27316). Please help us reach the young adults by reaching out to your friends about the ministry on England


Friday, October 5, 2018

It's October

  Well it is October and that means one thing for the Mayer family...  Conferences.

  With our Booyah Sale over (a BIG thank you to all those who helped, came, and bought) we were blessed to raise $2,700.00 to go towards being prepared for leaving in January. 

  Now we are back to traveling for most of the month. After three days of family rest in Minocqua we will first attend the conference in Carlton, MN and then after a quick trip back home we will join our friends for our fourth year at the Shell Lake conference.  We finish the month by speaking at a church in Fond Du Lac and then 3 days with my family in Milwaukee.

   This time of year always brings an extra treat of getting to see Pastor Kelton (the pastor we will be working with in Somerset). He is the one who has introduced us to these conferences. It is always an encouraging time to have with him, we are able to vision plan and get updates from the field.  This year is especially exciting because we get to plan the first quarter of our ministry for when we land on the field in January. 

  Stay tuned for updates on here regarding the conferences and when we will be leaving.  We are so appreciative that you have taken this journey with us. We know that your prayers make all the difference, we ask that you continue to pray for us over the next few months during this transition period.  Please pray for Stephen, easy travel and continued calm demeanor and continued good health. For Eric and I - emotions, stress, everything that has to happen before we leave. For safety as we drive and for the last monthly support we need to raise. 

  We will be working towards raising the last remaining $760.00 so that we can start applying for our visas at the end of November.  If you know anyone who may be interested in learning more about the ministry please have them facebook message me or email me for details. I will be posting about partnering soon on facebook, when you see it please feel free to share with your friends.

Mayers ~

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Last Big Fundraiser

                                              Don't Forget to Stop By.... 

We are selling Booyah and Baked Goods to raise funds for when we leave for the field  ...Come stop by and say hi! 

 This Sunday the corner of Cardinal & Glendale 
                      9am till we are out! 

       $24 - gallon 
     $12 - 1/2 gallon 

       Baked goods at various prices .....  

       ......crafts too!

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Hi Friends!

It is that time again ...  we are doing our annual Booyah and Baked Goods sale!

I am so excited for this sale. It is always tons of work cooking and baking, there is always lots of preparation and little sleep, but this is Stephen's first year so that is exciting!

We hope you can stop by to pick up lunch or dinner and some dessert. All proceeds go towards setting up the youth and young adult ministry in Somerset, England.  We are excited to be launching this January and want to leave with a strong foundation.

@ the corner of Cardinal & Glendale 
         September 30, 2018

              Starts at 9 am - till we run out..
$24 - gallon   /   $12 1/2 gallon
          baked goods at various prices...

If you wanted to pre-order a gallon (or half a gallon) you can email me at 

Pre-ordered sales need to be picked up by 1pm on Sunday unless other arrangements are made. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

What an amazing weekend

Hi all -

What a great weekend. We were so blessed to get to share at Evangelical Covenant Church in Norway , MI. 

This was Stephen's first ministry trip with us and he did amazing. It was great to get to stay with some partners, visit with some of Eric's family, stop at some memorable places from Eric's childhood,  and share at a great church.

We loved sharing an update with the congregation and thanking them for their prayers. 

We love our partners!! We honestly believe we have the best partners there are. The prayers, encouragement, and friendship that has developed from this period of support raising has truly amazed us. We count each of you as a blessing from God. With out you we couldn't do this minsitry. As we prepare to leave we hope to say a personal good bye and thank you to as many of you as possible.

Here's some pics from our weekend in Norway. 




Thursday, August 16, 2018

Almost Done!

Hello my dear friends and partners,

     I don't know if it is just the left over hormones of pregnancy, the tiredness of being a new mom, or the nostalgia that comes with changing seasons.. but as we finish with summer I look back on the last three months in awe at how God brings about transition. 

We learned a lot about being in transition while at our cross cultural training at CIT.  Being between two places is hard, being in the neutral ground or the transition place is like being gone but not having left.  Eric described it best to me one day, he said it is like being on a sail boat (we tend to use that analogy often) and you have traveled too far out to see the shore you left but you haven't reached the place where you can see the land beyond the horizon.  You don't see the current moving under the surface of the water and you don't see the wind building from the east. 
The thing about being in transition is you know when you enter it, its violent and emotional.. you make choices to push off from shore. But you don't always know when you are going to leave it... you hope to, you mark your course.. but you can't know till it happens. You leave transition not like you enter it.. you plan for it but you don't ever realize how quickly it comes upon you.. Leaving transition can best be seen by looking back at the tiny ripples in the water that moved you to the new shore.

We have been in transition for a year now. Last August we took the violent plunge and left our jobs, our home, our independence, life as we knew it.. We left being successful, being accepted, being understood and we dived into the unknown..fully committed to traveling to the other side of the pond (pun intended). We gave up our comfort and everything that made us 'acceptable adults' to society to take up the part of the renegade, the pilgrim, the dependent.. We decided what was important and who we were going to obey (Ourselves and our desire to have the life we were building or God and the call He specifically laid on our lives).

Taking that step was like ripping off a band-aid or knocking down a weight bearing wall.. It affected everything around us. It changed us.  You stop making long term plans, you meet amazing people but you are afraid to get to close because you know you're leaving. You dream of a future but it is half here and half unknown. You want to have a home but you resist putting down more roots and accumulating more stuff you just have to store. Every action and purchase is balanced against "How will this affect our travel?" or "Can we ship it?". 

We expected and wanted our transition period to last a few months..until we realized God had different plans. He planned to bless us with a child during this time. Our transition period took on another meaning.. we were changing what our family was.  We were learning who we were, what it meant to lay down our wants, our plans. We became a family of three and through it learned God's love and passion and plan in a whole new way.

Now a year later we are not the same people, we are not in the same place, and we could never go back. We are not perfect, we didn't make it all right and we definitely didn't always do it with the greatest of all attitudes.  But we took that first step and we didn't turn back, I think that is what God is really asking of us.

It took longer than we thought and we haven't reached that new shore yet but we see land. While there have been times of deep discouragement, worry, and anxiety that we would be floating in the deep abyss for life.. in the midst of those times God shone like the Northern Star. He never left us nor forgot us, though at times it felt like he did. He prepared for us, He prepared us and He showed us His plan.  He encouraged us through partners, friends, verses, songs, and small acts of His presence.

We are happy to say that we see land, that our transition period is almost to an end. We are only 28% away from being fully funded, we are weeks away from having all our passports, and our budget amendments have all but been approved. We talked with our GEM adviser and he agreed that we should be able to leave by November 14th (the earliest).  If we are unable to get the last remaining funds or the paper work done by then we have to wait for the holiday window to pass. (GEM doesn't send new missionaries for the last 6 weeks of the year due to holiday and wanting to set up a good transition).  If not November we are able to leave January 6th when the window opens again. 

We are so excited to see God's work and plan as He moves us closer to the finish line of this transition period. We have started sorting what needs to be shipped, we have applied for Stephen's passport, and we are starting to prepare to say 'good-bye' well. 

We are trusting by faith that God has a way of finishing this journey for us. We don't always know how but we can see him start to wrap it all up. There is a saying we read in a devotional that we remind each other of when we get discouraged.

"When God asks you to move; first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done."

When we started it looked impossible, this past year has been extremely difficult, we are excited for it to be done.  Then once we are out of the transition period the impossible task of creating a young adult ministry starts... I can't wait for God to finish that one :)

We want to say a big thank you to our partners and friends who have stuck with us during this transition time. Your faithfulness in your prayers and support has encouraged us as we head for this final leg. It will be what helps us as we start ministry and settle into a new life and new home. We are so greatfull we get to serve in ministry along side of you - we couldn't ask for a better team.

Praise God for He is good and His works are right.


Friday, August 3, 2018

A Father's love through a mother's heart

We were so blessed to welcome Stephen James into our family on July 17th at 12:01pm.  We had a scheduled c-section during which everything went 'almost' textbook perfect. I was told by my doctor that once they had taken my baby out he would be laid on my chest.  But he wasn't... I knew something was wrong when the doctor's stopped talking to me and instead gathered around Stephen.  I sent Eric over to see what was going on and laid there unable to move trying to hear exactly what was being said.  
Turns out my little boy blew two tiny holes, one in each lung when he let out his first cry. This meant that he got air on the outside of his lungs so they had to take him down to the NICU.  Now the reason we chose this particular hospital was because it was the only one in the area with a NICU, but I never really thought we would need it. 
I got to see him for a minute and kiss his forehead before they whisked him away,  When we got to see him a few hours later he had a cpap machine on to keep his lungs expanded, to help them heal, an IV for sugar water, and a tube down his mouth to remover any extra air in his stomach. Thankfully he was only ever on 21% oxygen, which is what we breath normally.  

We would have to wait till later that night to get to hold him.  Our God is a healer.  He spent his first two nights in the NICU but was able to leave Thursday morning with a completely clean bill of health.  The air around his lungs was absorbed into his body and the holes healed, he was coming home with us.  Things don't always go the way you think they will, sometimes they have rough starts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I learned a lot the moment we became parents, I learned a lot more the moment I saw my newborn hooked up to a number of machines. I learned how much you can love, how much you can ache, and how much you can want good for some who has done absolutely nothing to warrant that from you. 

Now as we sing our songs and say our prayers before bed, I often still have tears in my eyes. Because becoming a mom showed me a small glimpse of how much God loves me. Because I want good for Stephen, I want him to be soothed when he is fussy, I want to take away every cry.. But I am also jealous for Stephen. I want his attention and focus, I want to make him smile and laugh....  I love that little boy with no limits and no reasons.. he isn't capable of doing anything to earn it. In fact he is completely helpless and reliant on me for his every need....

What a beautiful picture of God's heart for us reflected through parenthood. He loves us soo much with such an unending love. While I will get frustrated and make mistakes He never will. He wants to wipe our tears, He longs for us to reach out to Him when we are in need. He listens to our desires, worries, and fears and answers our prayers.  He has plans for us and wants what is best for us, even if we don't understand. He is also jealous for us, a pure desire that we worship and pursue Him, that we spend time with Him..  He wants to be our focus.. and we don't do anything to deserve it.. In fact we can't do anything to earn it, we are dependent on him for our every need....

How beautiful is that.