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Friday, March 9, 2018


It's 2am... I should be sleeping but I can't... I think I took too many naps in the car yesterday,  or drank too much water, maybe it's the food you have to eat as you drive for most of your days (even when you try and be as conscious as possible)... or I am just pregnant. 

I've been using the word blessed a lot lately and it's because  I truly am. Even if I am not where I thought we would be, even if I have worries, concerns,  or struggles. God just by being Him and allowing me in His presences has blessed me. BUT GOD doesn't stop there. He gives me joy, love, family, faith, peace, laughter, support.... He is a good good father. So yes, I may be using the word often... but I can never over claim how much my God has and continues to bless me.

Elim conference

What an amazing spirit led first day of conference. 
Woke up early (5:30am) to head down through huston traffic to Elim Church... it was soo worth it.

Such powerful and prophetic messages given today. So excited to see what God will do in 2018 (the year of redemption)

Two messages this morning, connecting with some good friends we haven't been able to see in months, and then some time to relax in our amazing room... did you know some hotels down here serve free dinner? I didnt.. but it's part of your stay and the food isn't too bad either..

Finished the night off with another great message and some mission prep for next month's pre field training.

I love when God speaks right to your heart and the deepest part of the matter. 



Day 2 of Elim.
Message on not giving up ... even when..  especially when... the enemy is discouraging you and trying to make you want to.... God's got a purpose and call on your life and He will complete what He started! 



Well. All good things need to come to an end.. but we take the encouragement,  power,  presence, and memories of the conferences with us. It has been such a blessed time here at both conferences.  We are so thankful for the invite from Pastor Lyn & Deb and for the other missionaries who helped us here at Elim. 
Praying for a tell of our dear missionary friends and look forward to seeing you at the next conference.  

Thank you to our family, partners, and friends who have joined us on this trip through prayer and support. We couldn't have done it with out you. Please continue to pray for see travels home as we head out today. 

Now for our first day of driving home. 
(Special stop - Mangolia Farms) 
Tonight we sleep in Kansas. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Opened doors

We had such an amazing time at the conference with our friends at New Beginnings Church.
We were blessed to stay with an amazing woman of God, who has become amazing d new friend.

It was a great time, we loved hearing from all the missionaries and meeting the congregation. 

Our original plan was to be heading home this morning.  However God opens doors that we never knew existed.
Instead we are extending our stay in the great state of Texas for a few more days to attend Elim Church conference. 

We are looking forward to the messages, meeting with more of our friends, and staying encouraged as we grow on thus journey God has placed us on.

It required some phone calls and trusting God to move but when he wants you to go after somthing he opens the doors.

Within 1 hour we had secured an extra day off of work for Eric (something that normally takes all day to do), found a place to do laundry (so we would have clean clothes), got directions and schedule for conference, and booked one of the ls two hotel rooms (a king suite) at discounted rate (same as a regular room rate).

We still got to spend a wonderful noght with our friends Joe & Sarah Ortiz and their precious little girl. It was a great night of fellowship.

Some final pictures from Spring Texas.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Early morning prayers.

It's our third morning away from home, on our way to the conference. Normally we would push ourselves and drive long days to make our trip shorter. But this time, following doctor's orders we extended it. We spend around 6 hours on the road - stopping every two to use the bathroom :) and walk around (apparently blood clots happen easier for pregnant women).
This makes this a completely different kind of trip for us.
One, I sleep a lot more ( whether it's in the car while Eric's driving or earlier at night in the hotel) I also misjudged how you can ache when pregnant. I don't bring these up to receive your sympathy, instead to share the difference I notice in travel. Both eric and I also agree there is a different type of fear / stress that you have to learn to give over to God when traveling with a baby (even one in the womb). Before we didn't mind busier traffic, rushing, and knew we both were somewhat sustainable if there was an accident. Now however, knowing the hiw fragile our little one is it makes those stressful situations  (like Dallas) even more anxiety ridden.
Eric is blessed. He can go through that, give it to God, and his joy returns abundantly.
I tend to hold on to my anxiety, I pray about it, read verses to counter it, and play worship music... but it seems like I hand over my stresses and anxieties slowly little bit by bit. I think it's because I am a processor - I need to go over events and memories in my mind from every angle before I am content with them.
This whole trip has been a blessing. We have taken time to see things we wouldn't have if we had not been made to slow down. On the drive from Kansas to Texas we were sharing how blessed we've been by God on this trip and how fun and smooth it has been... then Dallas came, it was stressful and anxious (but prause God we made it alive, with out missing an exit, and on good terms with each other).
Then we get to our hotel and are told by friends it's not the greatest city to stop in... they were kinda correct... the side of the hwy our hotel is on - really nice, new, safe feeling. Go across the hwy and you are definetly entering a poorer neighbord.
We had Mexican for dinnern which was ok, and we swam in the pool which was luke warm and sat in the broken hot tub which was cooler than the pool. This all  sounds negative and like I'm complaining. But (here's honesty time) I was. In my head I built this free night of relaxation into a mini paradise, the perfect babymoon. I had the highest unrealistic expectations for this night of the trip. When reality didn't match my expectations I felt dissapointed, let down and like a failure. I kept apologizing to Eric for this horrible night - forgetting the great trip we've had, the blessing we get to attend on Saturday, and the truth...
Sometimes we do this with God as well... we build up on our minds how He will move or respond... what methods He will use and then when he moves differently than we expected we get (secretly) dissapointed.
It is then when we need to step back and remeber to see the truth.
The truth of the night was Eric and I had a blast... the hotel is safe, clean, and the room amazing... we had a fun experience for dinner, we got to spend some good quality time together... because of who we are we had, maybe not perfect night, but an amazing memeroy.
 And the truth is God is always moving and always working for our good. His ways will always be higher than ours but that doesn't mean we doubt him, it means we get excited to see how He will bring things about.
Satan wanted to distract me from the point and blessing of this trip. He wanted to take a few hours of created anxiety and make me nervous and worried for the conference coming up. God wants to take those hours of anxiety and teach me how to cast them on Him and how to then focus on what He will do at this conference.
Don't let your anxiety/dissapointment over one thing stop you from the excitement that comes from see God move in another.
I'm off to get ready, one more quick (2.5hr) drive and we get to meet some great friends, lern of some amazing ministriesn and share the heart and vision God has given us for the young adults in Somerset .
Xxx Megan

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Another stop on the wau

Had a bit of break in traveling as we went through Kansas City today. Stopped at Union Station - built before WWI to walk around a bit. It was so neat and had us reminiscing of our time in England with John and Patricia Bissell. How blessed we are to have had the chance to get to know such an amazing man and his love for trains.



After walking around we asked an attendant for his recommendation for a good BBQ place.. after all whe in Kansas..

He sent us to Gates BBQ. Wow! We both agree it was the best BBQ we've ever had. The resturant itself was classic (easily from the 70's) but  well kept.  The staff was amazing as well. They would shout out orders at a speed and in a way I couldnt follow and it was all made correctly.



On the way to texas

We made it safely to our 1st stop. Clive Iowa. 
Eating dinner before settling in for the night before we are on the road again bright and early.
 Lots of farm land, some breaks for walking (for baby's sake), good worship music, and fun conversation.
Thanks for all the prayers as we head down to Texas. 
Blessing of the trip - free upgrade to a Hundai Tuscan (small SUV). It's been amazing!

 He won the game! 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

On the road again.....

Hello friends.

How are you doing today? I hope well. Do you like to travel? Are you an explorer?

I have always wanted to see as much of the world as I could, since I was a little girl I was amazed at God's creativity in forming the different parts of the earth. The idea of being under a new sky, on new ground, breathing in new air, and meeting new cultures who were so similar to me (which makes sense since we are all made in his image)

 Eric and I are preparing to enter a season of travel. It started with Eric attending a men's conference in Escanaba for four days this month.  Our next stop is as a family, the three of us (little baby has no choice but to join us right now) will be driving down to Spring Texas.

We have been so blessed to be asked to join a missions conference a New Beginnings Church. This will be the first missions conference where we will get to share as official missionaries and we are excited for the chance to share our heart and passion with the people down south. We will have to see what happens to my voice - Eric says when ever I talk on the phone to a pastor down south I develop and accent.  I will let you know if it happens during the conference. 

We will get back from Texas exactly eight days after we leave, we will then have 5 days at home to do laundry, repack, and find out the gender of our little one ( I will post on that too). Then we are off to pre -field training.

We course will be held in North Carolina, and we will be gone from March 16 till April 16. The course includes classes from 9- 3pm daily with homework on the weekends. We are looking forward to learning more about cultural communication and how we can best reach out to the new culture we will be moving and submerging ourselves into. 

It was a blessing that GEM allowed us to attend slightly earlier than planned.  Normally you have to be between 70 and 80% to attend. They are letting us attend a little earlier because the other dates for the course either ended 2 weeks before the baby is due or started two after... not the best timing.
Thankfully they had some extra space in this course and we were given permission to attend.

As you know when we found out we were pregnant it changed our budget and we went from above 50% to 44%.  We are happy to share that during the month of January we have gained 4% and are now at 48% and we have some families who will be partnering but we are not sure on the amount. It is always encouraging and exciting to see God move and to join together with new families to minister to the young adults.

While we are excited for the chance to travel and stretch our legs I know we will be excited to return home to our friends and family and routine...  just in time to start nesting for baby. Keep an eye out for pictures, updates, and stories from the road.

God Bless ya'll